book cover2

The Story of How Broonie Brownie
Came to America

by Henrietta Sellers Haithcock

Book Illustrations by Klyne Bennett Underwood

Water colors by Henrietta S. Haithcock

Book Description

Broonie Brownie, a fairy creature, hailed from Aberdeen shire, in the highlands of Scotland. He was known as a helpful household spirit. But he could be mischievous, for he felt a thrill in pranking a lazy or mean-spirited person. He lived with the Sellers family in an ancient, stone cottage with a red door. Brownie loved his home. He never would have believed what was about to happen to him, for brownies don't like change. But change was indeed coming, for the Sellers family had decided to move to America. Over sea and land came the Scottish family to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Along with them came Broonie Brownie who watched out for the family in their travels-experiencing ocean waves, the bump and scrap of a wagon, rain and lightning, wolves, mountain lions and bears-to reach a forever home.